Execution of marketing and customer experiences

The best strategies are as good as their ability to implement them.

We get involved where it is most effective and adapt the campaigns based on data and proven experience. We implement millions of pieces of content on all channels and we never miss anything.

Our experiences positively change the client's measurable behaviors.

Results of marketing execution and customer experiences




Direct mail


Full Email Marketing Service


Oriented screen


Social marketing




Mobile and SMS


Planning and execution of the life cycle




We believe that everything that can not be measured does not count. MIC Technologies programs are driven by objectives and KPI, validated for impact, and tested and optimized to be even smarter next time.




Campaign reports


After an in-depth analysis, strategy and implementation, only one thing counts: did it work?

















Measurement results




Email and direct mail reports


Incrementality and profitability


Matchback Analysis


Promotional Analysis


Attribution to demand


Channel reports


ROI reports


Only MIC Technologies shows you detailed incremental results. We will check that your programs are effective. So you can rest more calmly.


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