Your data says a lot.


The data tells us where and when to involve your customers, what channels they prefer, the media they use, their schedules and much more. We capture, organize and validate the data so that the steps below are based on facts.




Make order in chaos. Then put your data to work. We organize, align and validate customer data so that it is actionable and understandable.




You have never seen your customers in this way. Knowing the preferences and tastes of customers through metrics and detailed segmentation help you connect behaviors that drive incremental sales.




Ideas are the energy for great strategies. Our marketing intelligence based on consumer behaviors has proven to increase ROI.


Capture and manage data



Customer data is a complex problem. In general, it is dispersed in channels, systems and information warehouses, without an alignment and inefficiencies for the use that can be given. Our data specialists analyze the information packets and the connection so that they are clean, organized and processable. Then the interesting work begins: create new strategies based on everything they reveal to us.


Results of data services


Data cleaning

Data management

Organization of data

Data validation

Database hosting

Cross channel platform

API Development


Results of the customer profile


Channel breakdown

Acquisition and retention

Construction of the model

Competitive benchmarks

Customer segmentation

Health file

Development of KPI

Development of the marketing program


Customer information


The strategies are only as good as the ideas on which they are based.


Through our exploration of the transactional behavior of their clients, we develop actionable intelligence based on their unique client objectives, needs and health. We offer you measurable information that drives profitable campaigns.


Our approach based on measurable behaviors will change the way you think about marketing.


Campaign opportunities

Best customer analysis

Acquisition and Retention Strategy

Promotion testing strategy

Lapsed customer programs

Lifecycle planning


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