Great strategies start with great ideas. Our marketing programs are based on data and are based on your objectives and customer profiles. They are developed to reach your customer on any channel. And they are constantly tested, optimized and updated in response to new knowledge.



Target and impact your customers through their favorite channels without restrictions.

By knowing the KPIs and the key data of your target audience, then we will create successful campaigns. We consider it essential to know what your client does when you enter your online or physical store, which seeks, as you seek, what information you would like to obtain when you decide to make a purchase, at MIC Technologies we have the professional experience and the tools for you to leave everything in our hands and generate completely successful campaigns to increase your online presence, improve your reputation, your management times and considerably your sales.


Your client changes and we are attentive to those changes.






Listen, learn, improve. ROI is based on what you can prove. The numbers provide the narrative. Our goal is always to improve it, each data is analyzed with the objective of improving the campaigns in your benefit and that of your client.


Understand, Plan, Execute, Measure, Improve.

Strategic planning


MIC Technologies knows how to interpret all the data associated with its best customers. We generate knowledge from structured data to generate marketing strategies and seasonal approaches in any channel.

Collaboration is essential, we plan and conceptualize at your side, for targeted campaigns throughout the year.


Results of strategic planning




Objectives of KPI


Acquisition and Retention Strategy


Customer investigation


Industry Benchmarking


Seasonal planning


Social strategy


Customer segmentation


Testing and optimization


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